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RES' Shalini Ramanathan speaking at Infocasts' ERCOT Market Summit
Feb 27 -
Mar 01
Austin, TX

RES' Shalini Ramanathan, VP Origination, will be a panelist for Infocast's ERCOT Market Summit on "Utility-Scale Solar in Texas" on Feb. 28 at 4:30 pm CST.


The Texas market is solar resource rich, and 5-8 GW of Solar growth is expected in the near- to mid-term. This panel will explore the drivers and challenges for the utility-scale solar in Texas: 

  • How is the development community tackling the Texas market? 
  • Commonalities and differences between wind and solar development in Texas 
  • How do you deal with risks in the market? 
  • Will we see a stratification of developers in the market? 
  • What are the biggest unknowns and risks and what are the strategic remedies? 
  • Creative types of partnering, co-development and virtual PPAs
  • How do you distinguish projects? Terminal value, tax equity and financial strategies 
  • Is Solar Merchant on the horizon?.

Moderator and other panelists include:

Moderator: Nicholas Steckler, Analyst US Power Markets, BLOOMBERG NEW ENERGY FINANCE


  • Charlie Hemmeline, Executive Director, TEXAS SOLAR POWER ASSOCIATION
  • Colin Meehan, Director, Regulatory and Public Affairs, FIRST SOLAR
  • Spivey Paup, Director of Development, RECURRENT ENERGY

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