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BLOG: Team Renewables - Jessica Ferguson
Apr 3, 2020

This month’s #TeamRenewables will look at the role of Jessica Ferguson, Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Advisor for UK and Ireland. Jessica, from the Isle of Barra off the west coast of Scotland, is based in Glasgow, and has been with RES for two years.

Like many of us, Jessica chose to pursue a career in renewables as she has a personal interest in protecting the planet by making the transition to clean energy. The rapid growth of the industry was another appeal.

No #DayInTheLife is the same for Jessica, but it can include site visits across the UK and Ireland to talk with the teams and conduct site safety inspections, as well as dealing with requests about offices, and working to ensure environmental protection at all of RES’ sites. Ultimately, Jessica’s main focus is to ensure compliance with strict regulations at all levels of the business, maintaining an excellent record of health and safety across the sites.

This typically involves the review of HSQE procedures, giving advice to site managers and sometimes role playing emergency incidents to ensure that everyone has the relevant experience.  

Asked what the favourite part of her job was, Jessica said: “I really enjoy travelling to different sites and getting to meet a huge variety of people, both within our team as well as others. I love working together with such a great team, helping people to get the best out of their site while making sure everyone is safe at all times.

“Every day is different, so it keeps me busy!”

Later this year, Jessica will be travelling to Nicaragua as part of RES’ continued support for Grid Alternatives, a non-profit organisation which supports underserved communities in Nicaragua, Nepal, Mexico and the US. Joining 10 others from RES, the group will be installing solar home systems and solar cook stoves in a remote community which does not currently have access to electricity. Not only will this give them an easier way of living, many of the people in these communities are self-employed farmers, so this will allow them to be more self-sufficient and increase their productivity and output. Better cook stoves will give the community a better standard of living whilst limiting the environmental impact that they have in their communities. Living in a homestay in the community they are supporting, Jessica will be able to bring back first-hand experience of just how important their work was to improving the lives of these people.

We’ll keep you updated with photos, videos and news from the group’s visit later in the year – we can’t wait to hear how they get on!

Photos used in this article were taken prior to Covid-19 pandemic.