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PRESS RELEASE: Next generation of wind farm engineers blown away by turbine technology
Jan 23, 2020

Pupils from Phillipstown Primary School in New Tredegar enjoyed an introduction to the workings of the wind turbines that will be central to our renewables future when they were visited by the world’s largest independent renewables company.

Nearly 70 pupils aged 7 – 11 invited RES to their school on Tuesday 21st January as part of engineering lessons at their school – and they were amazed by the technology and skills required to operate, maintain and repair wind turbines, and how wind farms have the ability to power thousands of homes with clean electricity each year.

Scott Hutchins, Senior Asset Manager for RES, and Carey Green, RES Community Liaison Officer, gave a presentation to the pupils, giving them insight into how a wind farm operates, what job functions are needed to run a wind farm, and the importance of clean energy.

Scott said: “We may have more than 38 years’ experience in renewable energy, but the pupils we visited today are our future so I was very happy to be able to pass some of our knowledge on. Maybe having insight into the future of renewables and how wind farms operate will inspire some of them to become the next generation of renewable engineers.”

After the presentation, Scott and Carey answered questions about the future of energy supply and why protecting the environment is so important.

Nikki Bowman, Class Teacher at Phillipstown Primary School, said: “The visit from RES was a great opportunity for our pupils to find out more about engineering and how different aspects of wind turbines come together to create an operational wind farm.

“We were all really interested to hear about RES engineers’ jobs and the benefits that wind and solar energy have for the environment. I think we may even have some future wind farm engineers in our midst.”

RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, active in onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage, transmission and distribution.